At home:

We are always looking for volunteers who will devote some spare time to fundraising activities. Think of your school, place of work, club or church. Itís fun to do and you make people aware that in Northern Uganda children are suffering and in need of help. 

In Uganda:

We can always use volunteers during the vacation periods, December + January; May; August, to help with entertaining the children.

Volunteers who come to Uganda will have to pay their own way and take care of insurance and vaccinations. LindA Foundation takes no responsibility for anything that might happen.

Costs are 10 euro/day, for room & board and guidance. This amount will have to be paid into our account before arrival. You will be living in House of Hope.

Upon arrival at the Entebbe airport you can be picked up and brought to a hostel. Costs are 50 euro per person, including the hostel fee. The next day you will then be brought to the bus park in Kampala to take the bus to Lira. (6 hour journey, costs 8 euro) Before departure you can change money and buy a Ugandan sim card.


Teachers who are willing to devote 1 year ( or half a year) to assist in our Primary School.

The local teachers are not familiar with using text books and other modern ways of teaching.Housing will be provided and there will be a local salary.

Proposal writer
We are in need of someone who knows how to write proposals, so we can access the funds that are available.

Lira is located in Northern Uganda, about 340 km from Kampala. House of Grace is 5 km outside Lira town. There is no more insurgency at the moment. But 24 years of war have left their marks.

Murchisson Falls National Park is 140 km away and a must see. 

                        Who wants to teach these children?